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Cleaning Care of Box Joint, Screw & Ring Joint Instruments

Posted by Joanna Litchfield Dodson on Dec 12, 2019 12:51:09 PM

Cleaning Care of Box Joint and Screw Joint Instruments. When cleaned before sterilization instruments, box joint (e.g. Halstead mosquito hemostats, Kelly’s or Crile’s) and screw joint instruments (Mayo scissors, Iris scissors, Metzenbaum scissors) need to be opened to remove any bio burden from these areas.

Ring handled instruments should also be sterilized open in a stringer to make sure that the screw joints and box joints are properly sterilized.

Before instruments are sterilized it is good to lubricate them with a lubricant and instrument guard. Also after instruments are sterilized they can be lubricated or “milked” to help with stiffness.

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