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In our digital age, information about COVID-19 infection control and misinformation about the PANDEMIC are spreading nearly as fast as the virus itself.

Posted by Joanna Litchfield Dodson on May 18, 2020 9:26:39 AM

For instance, fake tips on how to prevent or even cure Coronavirus (COVID-19) have gone viral and so have hoaxes aimed at spreading confusion. This pandemic has brought out a really clear picture of the kinds of things that tend to circulate in the misinformation ecosystem, generally, just more intensified and, obviously, with higher stakes. 

So SKLAR Instruments has compiled here the key primary reference sources to remove any doubt on how to best manage infection control in healthcare facilities from global health authorities the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization Rolling UpdateJohns Hopkins University Map of USA also has a great tracker which you can also view by World or City and a further section to review Critical Trends. The Federation of American Scientists have put together a very good website with the latest global and national news. Local health authorities are very important to inform on guidelines at the local level.

USA Government Tracker

MultiState COVID-19 Policy Tracker

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