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In our digital age, information about COVID-19 infection control and misinformation about the PANDEMIC are spreading nearly as fast as the virus itself.

Infection Control

Transporting Instruments For Processing

Why is the Healthcare Industry Moving to Sterile Single-Use Solutions?

Try the Pencil Eraser Test to determine stain or rust on your surgical instruments.

Cleaning Care of Box Joint, Screw & Ring Joint Instruments


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Rise of Biopsy Punches

Brushes: Everything You Need to Know for Care & Cleaning (Infographic)

5 Steps for Purchasing Surgical Instruments

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Top 5 Emerging Healthcare Innovations

Bridging The Gap in Patient Safety

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9 Common Heart Surgeries: From Minimally Invasive to Transplant

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3 Historical Advancements in Ophthalmology

6 Dental Cleaning Procedures All Vets Should Take Care Of

Join World Cancer Day and the We Can I Can movement.

Sklar Announces Partnership With New Market Veterans, LLC - PRESS RELEASE

Healthcare Workers More Prone to Develop Latex Allergies

The Vaginal Speculum: from its unearthed secrets to our modern times

The Dark Corners of Surgical Dentistry's Origins

Free CE Course Designed for Physicians, Nurses, Sterile Processing Technicians & Central Supply Specialists

Have you heard the buzz about stethoscopes?

The Evolution of the Surgical Forceps

The Oldest Surgical Instrument in the World

An Interview with Neurosurgeon Dr. Tavanaiepour; His Views on the Medical Industry

Four Essential Uses for Biopsy Punches

Top 3 brushes for hospitals and surgery centers

Microbial Surface Contamination: A Real Concern for All Healthcare Facilities

Insider Study: Single-Use Instrument Facts Everyone Should Know

Surgical Site Infections continue to haunt the healthcare industry

Disposable Medical Instruments: The new trend in healthcare

Sklar Instruments is Now a CensiMark Approved Supplier - Press Release

4 Sterile Processing Problems to Reevaluate in 2016

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